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Repairs & Maintenance

Current Repairs & Maintenance Work

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Coastal Partnership East is responsible for repairs and maintenance on in excess of 58km of coast protection defences along the coastline between Holkham in North Norfolk to Landguard Point in Felixstowe. This is an extremely important part of the work we do. We maintain structures such as groynes, revetments, promenades, seawalls, beaches and rock armour. We set out the work required and then appoint and manage the contractors.

Regular repair and maintenance works are carried out to promote safe public access as extensively as is practicably possible. If public safety issues are known to exist, and CPE is the recognised management authority but are unable to eliminate or remove them, signage or public exclusion measures may have been established. These are monitored regularly and we would ask that the public make themselves aware of any information provided and respect any measures to restrict or limit access.

Some examples of repairs and maintenance works include:
• Repairing trip or slip hazards on promenades
• Replacing planks on timber groynes and removing splinters
• Ensuring the sealant in the concrete seawall joints is intact
• Maintaining warning signage
• Ensuring access steps and ramps are safe for public use
• Repairing holes and removing sharp points from steel sheet piles
• Replacing bolts and fixings on timber structures and navigation markers

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As well as repairs and maintenance, the team carry out regular and important inspections so they understand what condition the structures are in and this informs future coastal management plans. We also monitor beach levels, health and safety for the public and the conditions of the cliffs.

Working with the Environment Agency, we are investigating appropriate software to help us to improve the way we manage the assets that we are responsible for and provide a consistent picture right across the Norfolk and Suffolk coast. This software will inform our programme of work and investment.

Public safety management is an important consideration in establishing the annual programme of inspections where CPE recognises a responsibility as land or asset owners or managers.


Each local authority has its current contractor for undertaking specific small scale repair and maintenance works on coastal assets. Following market engagement we have trialled a new methodology for procurement of these contractors ensuring they are flexible, responsive and very cost efficient.

East Suffolk Council
Great Yarmouth Borough Council
North Norfolk District Council

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