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Local Plans

Local plans are the remit of the District or Borough Council and they set out the way in which the area should be developed. The framework comprises a number of local planning documents which are the starting point when making decisions on planning applications.

The Local Plan is one policy component which guides development in the district. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) sets out national planning policy and is supplemented by the Planning Practice GuidanceNeighbourhood plans, once made, also form part of the development plan.

The coastal District, Borough local authorities in Norfolk and Suffolk together with the Broads Authority have developed a ground-breaking Statement of Common Ground on Coastal Zone Management (September 2018).

This sets out our agreed approach to planning in the coastal zone by demonstrating:

• Compliance with the “Duty to Cooperate”;
• Agreeing shared aims for the management of the coast;
• Maintaining and developing a shared evidence base; and
• Recognising the importance of cross-boundary issues in relation to coastal management.

This approach has also been endorsed by the Environment Agency. Individual local plans can be accessed from each of the partner authority websites:

Great Yarmouth Borough Council - click here

North Norfolk District Council - click here

Suffolk Coastal Local Plan - click here

Waveney Local Plan - click here

East Suffolk Council
Great Yarmouth Borough Council
North Norfolk District Council

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