Who we are

Coastal Partnership East brings together the coastal management resources and expertise from Great Yarmouth Borough Council, North Norfolk District Council, and East Suffolk Council.

Coastal Partnership East works in partnership with the Environment Agency, the Water Management Alliance, coast and estuary community partnerships and others along the 173km of coast in Norfolk and Suffolk.

What do we do

The partner local authorities who make up Coastal Partnership East all have coast protection responsibilities under the Coast Protection Act 1949 – they are what is known as Risk Management Authorities. This means that they have permissive powers, not duties, to manage the coast whether this is through coastal adaptation, building new coastal/erosion defences, monitoring changes or repairing and maintaining existing defences.

Coastal Partnership East is the coastal management team who carry this out on behalf of the partner authorities.

Paul's Blog

Thought leadership: Delivering resilience - navigating the funding challenge

As coastal, flooding and wider climate risks continue to grow globally, delivering long term, sustainable resilience for our communities, infrastructure and natural assets is essential. However, at a time of ongoing austerity, securing the funding required is challenging. In his blog, Coastal Partnership East’s Paul Mackie shares his thoughts, interesting case studies and recent developments on how we are working with local and national partners to tackle these issues and unlock new solutions and opportunities. See his blog here.

Sharon's Blog

Sharon Bleese is a Coastal Manager for Coastal Partnership East, a partnership of four coastal local authorities in  Norfolk and Suffolk. She is also project manager for the Lowestoft Flood Risk Management project. Sharon is a prolific storyteller with a passionate interest in the stories of others, particularly those who live and work on and visit our beautiful coast. Her blog will focus on how these stories influence and develop the way we manage our coast now and in the future. See her blog here.

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