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A Surge of Memories

2023 marked the 70th anniversary of the Great Flood 1953 and the 10th anniversary of the East Coast Tidal Surge 2013.

307 people died in England during the Great Flood 1953, the majority of those in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. Many hundreds more died at sea and across in the Netherlands.

It was one of the worst peacetime disasters of the 20th Century and prompted widespread reform in approaches to coastal management.

In 2013, the tide was higher in many places but no lives were lost. Forecasting, warning systems and sea defences protected most, however over 1,500 properties were still damaged or destroyed.

We also take a look at the future. Climate change and sea level rise are causing challenges already, and will only get worse. New approaches are required and Karen Thomas, Head of Partnership with Coastal Partnership East, and Richard Powell OBE, Chair of Anglian (Eastern) Regional Flood & Coastal Committee, discuss that future.

You can view the licence-free version on YouTube below: