Norfolk & Suffolk Coast Transition Programme
A consortium, led by East Suffolk Council (ESC), with North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) and Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC) has made a successful bid to Defra’s ‘Innovative Resilience Fund’ to deliver the Norfolk & Suffolk Coast Transition Programme. Approval from Environment Minister Rebecca Pow was granted to proceed to the final business case stage, alongside 24 other successful national projects. 

What is the Norfolk & Suffolk Coast Transition Programme?
Norfolk and Suffolk have some of the fastest eroding coasts in Europe, with over 2,500 homes at direct coastal risk and thousands more properties and businesses directly and indirectly affected by loss of property, infrastructure and utilities.
Recent national reports and enquiries have recommended that more is done to support coastal adaptation and resilience. The framework for transitioning our coast is now in place. The Innovative Resilience Fund (IRF) proposal seeks to implement an ambitious resilience programme for the Norfolk and Suffolk coast, that delivers real adaptation and resilience options for our communities.
The programme will offer a complete suite of planning, engagement, technical, financial and policy tools to support coastal transition for Norfolk and Suffolk communities, which could also be applied to the rest of the UK coast. Tangible, measurable and sustainable changes will be delivered in these locations. This will enable them to physically adapt to climate and coastal change now and for future generations.
The programme will be implemented in four core pilot locations across the Norfolk and Suffolk coast, plus four additional ‘twin’ locations. The work will be delivered in close collaboration with communities, alongside a multi-sector and national group of partner organisations with a proven track record of delivering tangible change within their sectors.

What is the Innovative Resilience Fund?
The aims of the innovative flood and coastal resilience programme are to:
• Encourage local authorities, businesses and communities to test and demonstrate innovative practical resilience actions in their areas.
• Improve the resilience of 25 local areas, reducing the costs of future damage and disruption from flooding and coastal erosion.
• Improve evidence on the costs and benefits of the innovative resilience actions and demonstrate how different actions work together across geographical areas.
• Use the evidence and learning developed to inform future approaches to, and investments in, flood and coastal erosion risk management.

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