Shoreline Management Plans

Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) are non-statutory plans for coastal defence management planning. The aim of an SMP is to provide a strategy for managing flood and erosion risk for a particular stretch of coastline

The SMPs provide estimates of how the coast is likely to change over the next 100 years, taking into account the future implementation of coastal policies, geology, likely impacts of climate change and the existing condition of the coast including coastal defences.

Four Shoreline Management Plans are active along the north Norfolk and Suffolk coastal frontage:

Shoreline Management Plans exist around all of the coastline of England and Wales. This work is led by the Environment Agency. Take a look at how the Environment Agency and local councils are developing shoreline management plans to manage the threat of coastal change on the GOV.UK website, where you can access all SMPs in England and Wales. 

SMP Review Documents

Bawdsey Stage 1 report