Coastal strategies play an important part in helping us to explore what needs to be done to manage a particular stretch of coastline. Coastal Partnership East is involved in developing coastal management strategies along the Norfolk and Suffolk coast.

Strategies drill down to finer detail than Shoreline Management Plans to give an assessment of the feasible options.

The strategy management options recommended must:

  • Reduce the risk to life
  • Defend residential and commercial property
  • Protect existing infrastructure
  • Protect, and if possible enhance, the well-being of the population
  • Protect, and if possible enhance, biodiversity, cultural heritage and landscape

The Gorleston to Lowestoft Coastal Strategy is currently underway between Great Yarmouth and Pakefield. See our Projects page for more information.

The Lowestoft Flood Risk Management Project is in the pre-planning stages.

The Winterton to Great Yarmouth Strategy is in the pre-planning stages.

The Bacton terminal team are in discussions with interested parties to explore options.